Welcome to PDF Service Manuals and we are happy that you’ve shown interest in our online shop.

Our story began with a slippery clutch, which happened to be the result of a mechanics (at an official dealership garage) using the wrong oil when we brought our bike for service.

That was the trigger that made us realize that it is a MUST for every rider to learn enough about their ride, first for safety reasons, but also for general knowledge, because ti can save you a lot of money, and finally because it is so satisfying when you can do stuff yourself.

Our search for a proper service Manual for our bike was not as straightforward as we thought it should be, and we ended up buying 3 different manuals for quite a significant amount of money.

Fast forward years later, after successfully selling hundreds of manuals on eBay to fellow bikers and maintaining a consistent 5 star rating, we decided to take the leap and launch our own platform, to be less dependent from big tech, and be able to maintain the best prices in the market .

You won’t find manuals for every bike here because each one is carefully handpicked and reviewed before we put it online. We keep adding new ones on a regular basis. The price we charge is low and is meant to cover our time researching and maintaining this repository, and paying for the bills to run this, such as server costs, domain name, admin, etc.

If you can’t find the manual you need here, please feel free to reach us via the contact form, and we will do our best to source it and put it online if we can.

Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome.

Be well and ride safe!