Triumph Rocket III / Classic / Touring Repair Manual (2004-17)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Triumph Rocket III. A MUST for every Rocket III owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 2004 to 2017

Number of pages: 627 pages

Table of contents:

Triumph Rocket III / Classic / Touring Repair Manual (2004-17)

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Triumph Rocket III

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. produces the Triumph Rocket III, a three-cylinder motorbike. It possessed the greatest displacement engine of any production motorcycle until the advent of the Triumph Rocket 3 at 2,294 cc (140.0 cu in).

The moniker “Rocket III” comes from the 1968 BSA 750cc pushrod triple, which was a badge-engineered version of the original “Triumph Trident.”

Rocket III

The initial model debuted in 2004. This particular model trim is no longer available. The Rocket III Roadster is the only variant that is currently available. This model was named 2004 Bike of the Year by Motorcycle Cruiser magazine, 2004 Cruiser of the Year by Motorcyclist magazine, and 2005 Bike of the Year by Cruising Rider magazine. This replica is the most recent addition to the UK National Motorcycle Museum.

Rocket III Classic

The Classic model, which debuted in 2006, features rider floorboards, variously shaped silencers (mufflers), and ‘pullback’ handlebars. More color options were offered, and the pillion seat was redesigned to be more comfortable.

Triumph employed ‘viral marketing’ to advertise the Rocket III Classic in June 2007 by uploading a well-produced mock production film on YouTube and bike fan websites. The video got over 1.2 million views as of September 2012.

Rocket III Roadster

The 2010 Roadster is the most powerful bike in the Rocket III lineup, with a claimed 163 lbft (221 Nm) torque and 146 bhp (109 kW) power, as well as a dual exhaust, one per side, rather than the previous 2 and 1 configuration. Triumph refers to it as “the ultimate muscular streetfighter.”

Rocket III Tourer

The 2007 Tourer Limited Edition Model was just a Classic Model with factory-installed windscreen, panniers (saddlebags), backrest, and luggage rack, as well as a choice of two-tone color schemes.

Rocket III Touring

Following the debut of the original model in February 2004, Triumph began designing the Rocket III Touring variant in order to target the huge cruiser market, which accounts for 50% of all US motorcycle sales. In addition to a redesigned steel frame and swinging arm construction, the Touring model boasts higher torque at lower revs – 150 lb-ft at 2500 rpm – but less horsepower at the top end – 106 hp (79 kW) @ 6,000 rpm (claimed). Tank-mounted gauges and a scrolling switch on the handlebar to adjust the time and display fuel ranges are among the new features.

The Rocket III’s five-spoke design was changed with billet aluminum slotted wheels, and narrower tyres were selected to assist handling, with a 180/70 x 16 rear tyre to make it easier to suit the customary detachable panniers, as well as a removable windscreen and Kayaba rear shock absorbers. The Rocket III Touring was phased out in 2017.

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