Kawasaki KLX250 2nd gen

Kawasaki KLX250 D-TRACKER X 2nd generation Service Manual (2009-14)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Kawasaki KLX250 2nd generation. A MUST for every D-TRACKER X owner.

Download: Immediately after payment!

OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 2009 to 2014

Number of pages: 558 pages

Table of contents:

Kawasaki KLX250

This PDF repair manual can be downloaded right after the payment process in complete, on the device of your choice.

We do not offer printed manuals, for the following reasons:

  1. it is more eco-friendly to use a digital version
  2. your manual never gets dirty or greasy
  3. you can always choose to print the specific page(s) you need to work on your bike
  4. you receive your manual immediately after payment
  5. it is searchable

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Kawasaki KLX250

The Kawasaki KLX250S is a two-wheeled motorbike. Kawasaki debuted the supermoto-inspired KLX 250SF to the market in 2009. It is a lightweight dual sport that may be used both on and off the road. Its 249 cc engine can reach speeds of up to 85 mph.

Generation 2 (2009-2014)

Differences from previous generation

  • Instrumentation is entirely digital.
  • Seat is now firmer.
  • New fender design and headlights
  • Broader spokes
  • Fuel capacity has been increased, and a new swing arm design has been introduced.
  • Front and rear suspension travel is reduced.
  • Ground clearance is somewhat reduced.
  • For the 2009 and 2010 model years, a supermoto-inspired KLX 250SF variant is offered.

Source: Wikipedia