Suzuki GSF650/A/S/SA Bandit / GSX650F Katana K7-L6 Repair Manual (2007-16)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Suzuki Bandit GSF650 / Katana GSX650F. A MUST for every Katana owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 2007 to 2016

Number of pages: 697 pages

Table of contents:

Suzuki GSF650/A/S/SA Bandit / GSX650F Katana

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Suzuki GSF650

Suzuki Bandit is a line of ordinary bikes manufactured by Suzuki since 1989. The following models are part of the Bandit series:

  • GSX150, 147 cc liquid-cooled (2018–present)
  • GSF250, 248 cc liquid-cooled (1989–2000)
  • GSF400, 398 cc liquid-cooled (1989–1997)
  • GSF600, 599 cc SACS (1995–2004)
  • GSF650, 656 cc SACS (2005–2006), 656 cc liquid-cooled (2007–2016)
  • GSF750, 748 cc SACS (1996–1999)
  • GSF1200, 1,157 cc SACS (1996–2007)
  • GSF1250, 1,255 cc liquid-cooled (2007–2016)

Except for the GSX150, which has a DOHC single cylinder engine, all Bandit models have DOHC inline-four engines with four valves per cylinder. The GSF600 engine is based on the GSX600F engine, however it has been retuned for more mid-range torque. The GSF1200 engine is a bored-out version of the GSX-R1100 engine that has also been retuned for increased mid-range torque. The GSF650 and GSF1250 versions use liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engines, with the GSF1250 featuring an extra balancing shaft to decrease vibrations.

‘S’ models have a half-fairing and twin headlamps beginning with model year 2000. The ‘N’ models are naked motorcycles with a single headlight. The ‘S’ and ‘N’ variants’ availability varies by country and model year.

The Bandit series was known as “hooligan motorcycles.” However, with subsequent changes, the bike has taken on a more sleek and contemporary feel, moving it closer to sports tourer area. The GSF1200 is still popular among stunt riders and is utilized by a wheelie school in the United Kingdom.



Unlike previous generations, which used reworked engines from other models, Suzuki created a new, water-cooled engine particularly for the 2007 Bandit 650. However, the majority of the chassis and bodywork remained identical from the 2005 model.

  • Euro3 emission criteria are met.
  • Engine has a displacement of 656 cc and a liquid-cooled inline four made of all-aluminum.
  • Electronic fuel injection with a dual throttle valve system (similar to the GSX-R and V-Strom from Suzuki)
  • 10% stronger frame and a longer swingarm
  • The rear shock is stiffer, but the front fork is softer.
  • 85 horsepower (63 kW) claimed @ 10,500 rpm (up 7 hp)
  • Redline of 12,500 rpm
  • The gasoline tank is the same 20 litres (4.4 imp gal; 5.3 US gal) as on the previous model, although the fuel pump requires around 1 L Hydraulic clutch is 14 kg heavier

The 2007 Bandit 650 was described by Bike magazine as “de-criminalized” in comparison to its forefathers, yet an excellent bike for novices.

The product is no longer available in the United States.


In Canada, it is no longer accessible. In North America, it was replaced with a new Bandit-derived completely faired GSX650F.


Suzuki announced the following upgrades for the 2009 GSF650N and GSX650S in November 2008.

  • Streamlined headlights
  • Frame coverings that are somewhat different
  • Taillights that are slimmer
  • Exhaust tips have been reshaped.
  • A single instrument panel houses an analogue tachometer, a digital LCD speedometer, a fuel gauge, a clock, and a gear indicator.

Suzuki also announced the following modifications.

  • Only the GSF650N has more angular headlamps.
  • Only on the GSF650S: restyled cowling with stacked high and low beam multi-reflector headlamps, storage in the fairing, and redesigned mirrors and indicators.


The GSX650F, which was introduced in 2008, is essentially a Bandit 650 variant with similar specifications and components. Despite being based on a Bandit chassis, the added lower fairing gives it a sportier appearance akin to the GSX-R series. The engine has also had remapping to boost rpm, and the suspension has been modified. It also boasts a unique one-piece seat.

Source: Wikipedia