Husaberg FE450:570 Service Manual 2009

Husaberg FE 450/570 Repair Manual (2009)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Husaberg FE 450/570 EU/AUS/USA. A MUST for every Husaberg FE450/570 owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 2009

Number of pages: 285 pages

Table of contents:

Husaberg FE450/570 Service Manual 2009Husaberg FE450/570 Service Manual 2009Husaberg FE450/570 Service Manual 2009

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Husaberg FE450/570


Husaberg Motor AB was founded in 1988 as a result of the purchase of the motorcycle section of Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna by Italian Cagiva in 1987. Cagiva moved motorcycle manufacture to Varese, Italy. A group of engineers led by Thomas Gustavsson opted to remain in Sweden and work on their idea. Husaberg Motor AB was founded in January of 1988. Ruben Helmin (Husqvarna chief engineer and Husaberg’s first managing director) and Urban Larsson were among the other Husqvarna personnel that joined Husaberg (Husqvarna designer), Elwin, Björn (chief of Husqvarna test department). Roland Söderqwist, the proprietor of a small Swedish mechanical firm, was also engaged in the company’s founding. The original factory was established in a woodshed near Lake Vättern in the village of Husabergs Udde, from where the company’s name was derived.

Gustavsson first used the moniker Husaberg when he entered an enduro race at Skillingaryd and was required to identify the make of his motorbike.

The Husaberg team attempted to compensate for their lack of funds by being brave enough to rely on technical innovations. They could never afford to hire established professional riders, preferring to hire ambitious rookies such as Jol Smets, Jimmie Eriksson, Walter Bartolini, Kent Karlsson, Anders Eriksson, Jaroslav Katriák, Mike Tosswill, and Peter Jansson.

Takeover by KTM

Husaberg was finally bought by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM in 1995, despite good achievements on the racetrack.

Although Husaberg bikes have been manufactured in the KTM facility in Mattighofen, Austria, since 2003, and the development department is also located there, the Motorsport division remains in Sweden.

KTM took Husaberg’s prior tagline, “Ready to Race,” as its own. Husaberg then chose the phrase “4 Stroke Force” since, until 2012, they solely made four-stroke motorcycles and were the industry leader in 4-stroke performance. Husaberg’s new motto is “Pure Enduro.”

End of the Husaberg brand

Husaberg celebrated not only its 25th anniversary, but also the brand’s last year in 2014. Stefan Pierer, the CEO of KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG, a 51 percent stakeholder of KTM AG, bought a 100 percent investment in Husqvarna AG from BMW in January 2013 through his firm Pierer Industrie AG and renamed it Husqvarna Sportmotorcycle GmbH. Although Husaberg AB and Husqvarna Sportmotocycle GmbH were not amalgamated, both KTM and Pierer Industrie determined that the Husaberg brand will cease to exist, citing the desire to reconcile what arose from shared origins 25 years ago. Husqvarna will use Husaberg’s technology while preserving the more well-known Husqvarna brand name. Husqvarna’s trademark blue, yellow, and white colors are used on the new motorcycles.

2009 models

For 2009, there are two enduro versions available, each with a new innovative engine and a slew of additional technical features:

  • FE 450 – 450 cc enduro with electric start only
  • FE 570 – 565 cc enduro with electric start only

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