Yamaha XJ6SA Diversion Repair Manual (2009-16)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Yamaha XJ6SA Diversion. A MUST for every Diversion owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 2009-2016

Number of pages: 554 pages

Table of contents:

Yamaha XJ6SA Diversion

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Yamaha V-Star 950

The Yamaha Diversion is a line of all-purpose touring bikes derived on Yamaha‘s previous XJ series. Early Diversion versions were powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled, eight-valve inline-four engine. The model name was preserved in 2009 for a new line of 16-valve liquid-cooled engines.

Prior to the introduction of the 2009 versions, the series had four main models: the XJ600S, XJ600N, XJ900S and XJ900GT, as well as the lesser-known YBR125 Diversion.

The XJ600S Diversion/Seca II

In most areas of the globe, the XJ600S is known as the Diversion, while in North America and Australia, it is known as the Seca II. The bike comes standard with a modest top fairing, but a lower fairing is available as an option. The XJ600S is a forerunner of the XJ600 vehicles produced between 1984 and 1991. It has a 598cc air-cooled 8-valve inline-four engine that produces 61 horsepower (45 kW) and 55 Nm (41 lbft). The original XJ600 engine was tweaked to boost low- and mid-range power while surrendering some peak power.

From 1992 through 2004, 600cc Diversion models were produced. From 1992 through 1998, the United States produced Seca IIs. Because the Diversion/Seca II design is based on an older, well-matured model, revisions to the bike over these years were primarily cosmetic, with a second front-brake disc and a tiny oil cooler appearing on the 1996 edition, along with carburetor upgrades.

The Diversion has a more upright riding position than other 600cc sport motorcycles, which makes it suitable for commuting. It stayed in production for a long period, owing to its low cost, low fuel consumption, lifespan, and dependability.

The XJ600N

The XJ600N is nearly identical to the XJ600S, with the exception of being a naked bike and having a new instrument panel that rotates with the handlebars. This model was not available in the United States.

The XJ900S/XJ900GT

The XJ900 is a direct descendent of the previous XJ900 model. The XJ900S and XJ900GT are the same basic motorcycle, with the GT having a huge fairing and two Krauser K2 panniers, whilst the XJ900S has a modest top fairing like the XJ600S. There are several more instruments on the dashboard (which is broader than those of the 600cc variants), such as a fuel gauge. It is a sports/tourer equipped with an 892cc air-cooled 8-valve inline-four engine producing 89 horsepower (66 kW) and 85 Nm (63 lbft). The XJ900S/GT is driven by a shaft, whereas the 600cc variants are driven by a chain.

On the European market, the XJ900S/GT is marketed as the Diversion 900. In the United States, the bike was known as the Seca XJ900RK in 1983.

Police versions

All across the world, the Yamaha Diversion has been employed as a police motorbike. Yamaha builds these versions to the demands of particular police stations. The XJ900S is often chosen for police usage, however the XJ600S has also been employed. policing requirements Diversions are popularly known to as the XJ900P (P for Police), although Yamaha refers to them by their normal model name (XJ900S or XJ600S) because they do not represent a different model.

XJ6 Diversion, XJ6 N and XJ6 Diversion F

Yamaha reintroduced the Diversion series in 2009 with the XJ6 Diversion, XJ6 N, and XJ6 Diversion F. The former features a half-fairing, but the N variant is bare. With the exception of the ABS and electronic immobilizer, the completely faired FZ6R is the American equal of the European XJ6 Diversion F variant. The engine is a detuned Fazer engine, and ABS brakes is optional on both variants. The new line has a liquid-cooled 16 valve 4-stroke forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder engine with 78 horsepower (57 kW) / 59.7 Nm of torque. For the new Diversion series, Yamaha has retained the engine displacement at 600cc.

Around 2005, the YBR125 Diversion was also offered in France.

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