Honda VFR800FI (5th gen.) models 1998-2001 original motorcycle manufacturer's PDF repair manual download

Honda VFR800FI Interceptor (5th gen.) Repair Manual (1998-2001)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Honda VFR800FI. A MUST for every Interceptor owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 1998-2001

Number of pages: 550 pages

Table of contents:

Honda VFR800FI (5th gen.) 1998-2001

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Honda VFR800FI

Honda‘s VFR800 (Interceptor) is a sport touring motorbike that has been produced since 1998. The VFR750F was the model’s replacement, and it shared the V4 engine arrangement with the Honda VF and VFR series.

VFR800Fi Fifth Generation: 1998–2001 (RC46)

The VFR800 engine featured a detuned and longer-stroke power plant based on the fuel-injected engine created for the RC45 in 1994, rather than a direct evolution of the preceding, carbureted VFR750F engine. Although a development of the VFR750R RC30 and originally evolved from the VFR750F RC24, the RVF750R RC45 engine was substantially different from Honda’s prior V4s in that the gear drive for the camshafts was shifted from the engine’s center to the engine’s right side (next to the clutch-pack).

Another difference was the two side-mounted radiators, rather than one in front of the engine as on the VFR750. The engine of the VFR800 was optimized for road use, therefore torque was boosted across the rpm range although maximum power was only marginally greater than in the VFR750.

The frame of the VFR800 is strained by the engine, which was adapted from the VTR1000 Firestorm, and it maintains the signature VFR single-sided swingarm pivoted from the aft of the crankcase. It has standard ‘right-side-up’ front forks.

Honda modified the fifth-generation VFR (RC46) in 2000 with a catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and an EFI system that could enter closed-loop mode when driving on the highway. These also had a temperature-activated rapid idle mechanism, which eliminated the need for a choke lever. The rear-view mirrors were also upgraded, with Honda ditching the previous rubberized stalks in favor of rustproof metal ones. In order to prevent theft, bikes sold in Europe were equipped with the H.I.S.S. (Honda Ignition Security Device) immobiliser system.

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