Ducati Monster 400/620ie Repair Manual (2002-06)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Ducati Monster 400/620ie. A MUST for every Monster owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: models 2002 to 2006

Number of pages: 546 pages

Table of contents:

Ducati Monster 400/620ie models 2002-2006 original motorcycle manufacturer's PDF repair manual download

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Ducati Monster

The Ducati Monster is a bike naked produced since 1993 by Ducati , produced in different displacements; this motorcycle is considered the progenitor of this category, which until then had had little success, moreover it inspired many other bikes.

From its debut until 2007 it has never radically changed its style and the house Bolognese has produced more than 150,000 units.

Third generation

2002 sees the birth of the third generation of Monster thanks to the new 620i.e. which takes the place of the 600 with carburetors and which initiates the application of injection throughout the range. The catalyst mounted on the new 620i.e. allows to obtain, on this set-up, the anti-pollution classification Euro 2 (while all the other set-ups remain Euro 1 ). The new Monster 620i.e. is offered in 3 versions: Dark, standard, and “S”.

All engines adopt the new rear suspension, already anticipated by the S4, which eliminates the reaction arch of the rear swingarm, greatly streamlining the aesthetics. On all versions, moreover, the second disc is adopted on the braking system .

The version with 400 engine (destined before this year exclusively for the Japanese market) also makes its timid entry into the European market, proposing itself as a valid alternative to Japanese competitors. The standard version will be accompanied by electronic injection, double Brembo discs and the possibility to choose the color combinations of the fairings and the frame. The dark version will be offered with a black frame, single front disc, stripped fairings. The Monster 400ie is a poorly sold model due to its high cost (compared to a scooter) and low performance. It is a perfect entry level , however not very powerful and therefore sold very little. The commercialization attempt in Europe will be stopped two years later due to poor results. Marketing in Japan will, on the other hand, still remain active.

Finally, this year, a special on an S4 base is presented, produced in a limited series of 350 units, called Fogarty in honor of the multiple motorcycling Carl Fogarty .

Range in production:

  • Monster 400 i.e. – dark, standard – 44 CV @ 10500 giri/min – 166 kg (168 kg Japan Version)
  • Monster 620 ie – dark (to come later), standard, s (carbon side panels and heat shields, front fairing, aluminum swingarm, adjustable reaction strut) – 60 HP @ 9500 rpm – 177 kg
  • Monster 750 i.e. – dark, standard – 64 CV @ 8750 giri/min – 179 kg
  • Monster 900 i.e. – dark, standard – 78 CV @ 8000 giri/min – 189 kg
  • Monster S4 – 101 CV @ 8750 giri / min – 193 kg

Source: Wikipedia