Honda CBR650F 2014

Honda CBR650F (1st generation) Repair Manual (2014-16)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Honda CBR650F 1st gen. A MUST for every CBR650F owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 2014-2016

Number of pages: 410 pages

Table of contents:

Honda CBR650F

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Honda CBR650F

Honda’s 650 cc standard and sport bikes are a series of 649 cc (39.6 cu in) inline-four standard and sport bikes introduced in 2013 by Honda. The CB650F standard or ‘naked bike’ is part of the series, as is the CBR650F sport bike, which replaces the outgoing CB600F Hornet.

The motorbikes have a new twin-spar steel frame and a new inline-4 engine with a longer stroke, bringing the displacement to 650 cc. ABS is optional, although a model with ABS standard and limited air intakes decreases power below the European A2 licence restriction of 35 kW (47 hp). Honda believes that the four-into-one side-swept exhaust headers and stubby exhaust muffler increase mass centralisation. In 2017, Honda made substantial technological and aesthetic upgrades.

Honda revealed the CB650R naked bike with Neo Sports Café design previously seen on the CB1000R and CB300R, as well as the CBR650R sport bike with new Fireblade-style fairing, during EICMA in November 2018. In addition, both bikes underwent considerable chassis and engine modifications.

Model history

2014 “CB650F/CBR650F” (RC74)

The Hornet Honda CBR600F and Honda CBR600F have been replaced by the All-New 650 class, which includes the regular “naked” version, the CB650F, and the full fairing sport variant, the CBR650F. Based on the 600F’s design, this model retains a single triangle front lamp, a high clip-on, and a one-piece seat. It is available in Red and Matte Black colors, with select markets receiving the famous Honda Tri-color scheme.

2016 “CB650F/CBR650F” (RC74)

Updated livery with red and white frames.

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