Aprilia RS 125 models 1998 to 2005 (3rd gen.) Repair Manual original motorcycle manufacturer's PDF repair manual download

Aprilia RS 125 (3rd gen.) Repair Manual (1998-2005)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Aprilia RS 125 (3rd gen.). A MUST for every RS125 owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 1998 to 2005

Number of pages: 290 pages

Table of contents:

Aprilia RS 125 1998 to 2005 (3rd gen.)

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Aprilia RS125

The RS 125 is one of Aprilia‘s most successful models. It participates in various speed championships, both in the Italian Sport Production Championship. Furthermore, Aprilia has officially dedicated its single-make championship to this model as well as to its twin-displacement sister.

This bike is the evolution of the Aprilia Futura, the last descendant of the AF1 lineage born in the 80s with the Project 108 (name of the rear single-sided project which also saw a legal dispute with Honda which had presented the VFR750R-RC30) and continued with different versions.

RS 125 1988 to 2005

The third generation introduced in 1998 and on the market until 2005 is inspired by the Moto GP model which includes a aerodynamic, with a resized fairing, with the use of a single air intake on the right and more central, narrower fairings without the slots for the radiator and teardrop tail, also for this model different colors and replicas of championship, moreover the type of brake disc is changed, which is now thicker than one millimeter (5 mm instead of 4 mm) but it always remains 320 mm in diameter combined with new five-spoke rims instead of three, always with the respective channels of 3″ at the front and 4″ at the rear.

The Aprilia Rs 125, in order to comply with the European anti-pollution regulations and above all to allow it to be driven by sixteen-year-old new drivers, has come out of the manufacturer since 1995 with significant power limitations of about 30 horsepower and is reduced to 15 to fall within the limits of the driving license A1.

To prevent the introduction of mixture into the thermal group, bottlenecks in the exhaust expansion, electronic limitations given by the absence of the valve actuator control unit and the adoption of a partially fixed capacity valve which no longer acts as a regulator of the expansion resonance, but as an additional rev limiter and torque limiter at high revs.

To regain the power of the bike for use on the track since 1995, Aprilia has put on the market an easy-to-assemble kit (which will later be called Full Power), which included a RAVE valve and a different expansion, this kit it can be used to have a full power 125 exactly as in previous years or as outside Italy.

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