Honda NT650 1989

Honda NT650 Hawk GT Repair Manual (1988-92)

Complete PDF version of the Service Manual for the Honda NT650/RC31/Hawk GT647. A MUST for every Hawk GT owner.

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OEM Original factory workshop manual.

Models covered by this manual: 1988-1992

Number of pages: 256 pages

Table of contents:

Honda NT650

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Honda NT650

Toshiaki Kishi created the Honda Hawk GT (NT650) motorbike, which was classified as model RC31 and was the second Honda with “Pro-Arm” suspension after the RC30 VFR750R. The RC model designation is for bikes with engines up to 750 cc, while the Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) has a larger engine with the model code RC34.

Along with the Yamaha SRX, the Hawk GT was one of the first contemporary naked bikes, introduced some years before the Ducati Monster and, finally, the Suzuki SV650. The Hawk GT is frequently referred to be a cult bike.

North American model

The NT650, Hawk GT 647, and RC31 models were released in the United States in 1988 and were produced until 1991. It has an aluminum box frame with a separate rear frame welded on, as well as a single-sided chain drive swing arm.

The Hawk GT did not sell well in American markets since it was priced higher than other entry-level models and only marginally lower than many 600 cc sport motorcycles.

The 1988 model year and the 1989-1991 model years have just minor differences. The front suspension damper rods were altered in 1989 to have only two holes (rather than four in 1988). The mounting points on the front brake calipers were similarly covered with screw-on covers. Oil lines were routed inside via the engine rather than externally in 1991.

Except for the colors, the Canadian model was identical to the US model. Tempest Gray and Tanzanite Blue were the colors available in the United States for the 1988 model. Bright Red was only available in the United States in following years.

The wet weight of the 1988 model was 187 kg (412 lb). The 650 cc engine was reported to produce 43 kW (58 horsepower) at 5000 rpm.

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