motorbike repair manuals

Getting your own service manual to repair your ride can save you $$$

Repairs and maintenance for your motorcycle are the most expensive part of owning a motorcycle. It is more expensive than insurance or petrol.

Any mechanical device needs to be properly maintained to run smoothly and over a long period of time. Any mechanical equipment must be properly maintained in order to work smoothly and for an extended length of time. Motorcycles are no different. While components might be expensive, with a little investigation, you can obtain inexpensive original parts. On that note, I urge that you look at

However, if you examine the workshop invoices, you will see that, on average, half of the cost is labor.

It is true that hardly everyone can become a mechanic overnight. Nevertheless, there are easy maintenance procedures you can perform on your bike that will save you hundreds of dollars if you invest a little time and effort and have the correct service handbook for your ride.

It will also provide you with the fundamental knowledge and references you need to ask smart questions of your mechanics, as well as assist you recognize unscrupulous workshops that sadly exist in the area and charge for things you don’t need.

Be well and ride safe!

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