repair your motorbike yourself

Organize your motorbike repairs

motorbike repairs

Making the decision to fix your bike yourself will necessitate a one-time expenditure that will show to be quite advantageous over time.

Aside from the most important repair manual, which you can purchase here at the greatest price, you’ll need a set of tools (which are normally indicated in the service manual) and a space to work on the repairs.

Don’t attempt to cut corners on the tools. It is worthwhile to spend a little extra money on excellent brands that you will keep for the rest of your life. Cheap tools are not only a lousy long-term investment, but they may also be hazardous.

A maintenance table in your workshop manual will detail everything you need to check/replace on your bike and when. I printed and laminated the tables so that I could use them again and again while effortlessly wiping away the oil. It’s a good idea to schedule the major repair once the riding season is ended.

When it comes to the site where you will execute your repairs, whether it is your garage or somewhere else, make sure it is properly ventilated, has an average temperature, and is dust-free. I prefer to check my service manuals on an old tablet (I have fixed it on a small stand with wheels that I can move around and protected it with a rugged cover).

I order the particular components I need and print the necessary sections of the repair manual whenever I want to work on my bike. When at all feasible, I try to have everything ready and arranged before beginning to remove any screws.

Ride safe!

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