Honda CBR 600RR rear brake

How to Rebuild a Honda CBR600 Rear Brake Caliper

Rebuilding a Honda motorcycle brake caliper is a pretty straightforward procedure. 

The process involves extracting the brake fluid out of the system, removing the caliper, cleaning the piston, rebuilding the caliper and refilling the reservoir. Follow the steps below to rebuild the rear brake caliper for a Honda CBR600 motorcycle.

Tools and Parts Needed – Honda CBR 600 Rear Caliper Rebuild


  • 6mm Allen
  • 32mm socket
  • Breaker bar
  • Torque wrench
  • 8mm, 10mm and 12mm crescent wrench
  • Angled and standard Phillips
  • Set of pick tools
  • Honda CBR600 Service Manual


Extracting Honda CBR 600 Brake Fluid 

Step 1. Remove rear brake fluid reservoir cap.

Step 2. Attach the vacuum fluid extractor air hose to the rear caliper valve and turn it on. 

Honda CBR600 rear brake caliper bleed

NOTE: The 8mm wrench is all you need to open and close the valve.

Step 3. Once the majority of the brake fluid is out, close the valve and remove the vacuum air hose.

Removing Honda CBR 600 Rear Caliper

Step 4. Loosen the banjo bolt securing the brake line so that the line can be removed from the caliper. 

Honda CBR600 motorcycle rear brake caliper rebuild

NOTE: Don’t lose either of the crush washers on the banjo bolt.

Step 5. Remove the hanger pin holding the brake pads in place, followed by the pads themselves and the pivot pin.

Honda CBR600 brake pads caliper

Step 6. Using a lift stand, loosen the rear axle and pinch bolts to push the tire forward, allowing the chain to come off. 

Honda CBR600RR brake caliper rebuild

NOTE: Once the tire is out of the way, the rear caliper will fall off as well.

Step 6. Remove the piston from the caliper. 

Honda motorcycle brake caliper rebuild

NOTE: The compressed air or air gun is the best way to do this. Be cautious, as too much pressure will cause it to fire out like a cannon.

Step 7. Inspect the piston and look for pit marks. 

Step 8. Remove both the inner and outer seal from the caliper. 

Honda CBR600 brake caliper seal removal

PRO TIP: The pick tool comes in handy here.

Step 9. Clean out the caliper with brake fluid and towel dry it. 

Step 10. Insert the new piston seals, with the larger seal at the bottom and the smaller one on the top.

Step 11. Pour a dash of DOT-4 brake fluid into the bore and rub some on the piston itself, then drop the piston into the bore.

Step 12. Align the caliper back onto the bike with the pivot pin and secure it.

Step 13. Attach the upper brake line to the rear caliper. Both the upper and lower crush washers must be secured to the line.

Honda CBR600RR rear brake caliper rebuild

Step 14. Align the rear wheel and chain with the axle and secure the brake hose back into place.

Step 15. Place the brake pads back into the caliper and secure the brake pad pin. Torque the pin to 13 foot-pounds.

Honda CBR600 brake pads pins

Step 16. Readjust the chain tension.

Step 17. Refill and bleed the brake fluid and you’re done.

Source: Partzilla

Be well and ride safe!

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